“Stop Censorship!” Statement on Public Broadcasting

Posted: 25.06.2010 in International

Stop Censorship!” public movement states that it should support intentions to create national public broadcasting system declared by President of Ukraine as (quote) the first large scale project aimed at nonreversible progress towards freedom of speech (end quote).

Within the movement, a draft law has been elaborated providing for the creation of public broadcasting system in Ukraine after the world’s leading examples. We are ready to hand this draft law over to President and the government in order to jointly work on its elaboration and passing.

We consider public broadcasting to be a highly important objective for the nation. It must be based on comprehensible and transparent principles of formation of Supervisory Council comprised of representatives of the public and also it must have transparent funding principles.

Thus, elaboration of the concept and relevant legislative acts must be performed in the most transparent manner with journalists and public organizations and movements involved in it.

Considering the fact that President initiated investigation of the issue at a session of Public Humanitarian Council we appeal to include representatives of “Stop Censorship!” movement into it as there are no representatives of journalists’ community in the Council.

We are certain that the authorities as well as Ukrainian society as a whole is concerned with creation of a modern and independent broadcaster and, therefore, will take part in the activities aimed at this goal together with journalists.

Stop Censorship!” Public Movement

Translated by Gennady Shpak


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